About Dr. Juan E. Reid

Dr. Juan E. Reid is the Chief Dental practitioner at Aapollo Dental Centers. He is an accomplished dentist with over 30 years of exemplary dental experience. A graduate of the prestigious Creighton University Dental School in Omaha, Nebraska, Dr. Reid is passionate about perfect dentistry, whether it be in orthodontics, in which he has given many beautiful smiles, or general dentistry where he has mastered the art of the Pain-free Dental Experience™. His relaxed demeanor and considerate chairside manner always connects with and relaxes his patients making them feel comfortable and important.

He attributes this to his diverse and multicultural life experiences which include everything from his years as a commercial pilot (while in Dental school) to his studies with Australian Aboriginees. As the head of Aapollo Dentistry, Dr. Reid has commited his talents and those of highly qualified team to the service of YOU! At Aapollo, we pride ourselves on prividing the perfect experience. An experience that you will not only enjoy, but will want to tell others about, and remember, at Aapollo Dental Centers there is “Always An Open Door”.

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